Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Apparent Ghost Experience

On 3rd of October I arrived in Shimla. Inspite of being capital of a state, this place is rather a quiet place. I guess most of the hilly towns bear this characteristic. Some people will call it spooky. Shimla is somewhat famous for its ghosts and ghost stories. Google it and you will get. Even few books have been dedicated to this subject.  Similar is my experience also. I was sleeping alone one night in room no. 2 in bhaiya's quarter. Bhaiya was in another room (1). I was covered in normal pyjamas amas and some tees and wrapped inside a warm cozy rajai. It was around 2-3 in the morning that I found myself awake. I noticed that I was not able to move myself or so as to speak anything (but I didn't try to make a sound, perhaps coz of habit) . I felt like some one was sitting on my chest. I barely could even open my eyes. Some how with great effort I picked up my phone from the other corner of the bed. Since I could not lift my hand, I had to slide my hand on the bedsheet to grasp the phone. Several thoughts flashed in my mind. The very first thought being : Was it because of ghosts? Spooky town, with immediate history going back to British Empire. It was probable. But to my rational half of brain it didn't make sense. I was feeling as if I was tied to bed with roped. The room being dark but I had my phone in my grasp, which I could use as a source of light. But to my frustration all my attempts to light the phone's screen were in vain. This was the second thing which was behaving abnormally, 1st being myself. I was confused. I tried to get my self free of these invisible shackles but useless was this effort. I was constantly thinking what is odd with this situation.
Then suddenly I woke up from my dream. It was a dream and certainly a most timely dream. Had I been more afraid of paranormals I would have run to bhaiya's room. But then I was sure for it to be some psychological phenomenon. The rajai was certainly heavy, and my subconscious could have felt like this, no doubt. I was more certain when I saw the phone on bed which was way out of my reach with switching my sides. That meant I was dreaming and there was only one abnormal event that's me feeling tied up to the bed. This shit I certainly understood. Had it been my phone disfunctioning, it was incomprehensible to me.
With in few minutes I again fell in to sleep. And for last 10 days it has not occur.
I searched on net also and found sites and forums confirming my conclusion.
Some call it sleep Paralysis, some Lucid Dreaming...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pre Question Papers 2013

Link for civil services (pre) 2013 question Papers.
Google Drive
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