Sunday, September 20, 2009



some information taken frm WIKI.

XULFI is a pakistani singer........
his band is CALL.

Call released three smash hit singles; 'Ho Jaane De', 'Yeh Pal' and 'Dhadke Jiya', the latter two being tapped in to by Bollywood as soundtracks for two different movies, which topped the charts and received positive reviews. Xulfi graces the album with the romantic number, ‘Dhadke Jiya’, that may take some getting used to since it is much different from the band's popular genre, alternative rock. It can also be seen as the band's attempt to go more mainstream as far as the South Asian region is concerned. ‘Dhadke Jiya’ doesn’t offer the same high as ‘Laree Chooti’, soundtrack from Bollywood film "Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local" or ‘Yeh Pal’, snapped up by the movie "Aasma", though the arrangement holds its own with an orchestral feel in the chorus, as opposed to relying on strumming the chords throughout the song.

Call have also released a new single 'Ho Jaane De' for their upcoming album 'Dhoom'. The single was widely appreciated throughout the continent but was criticised by some as the pop oriented song didnt keep the image of the rock band as rock. However the song was awarded 'Tune Of The Month' by the BBC Asia website and was also used in the Walls Icecream advertisement in which the band members have also modelled.