Saturday, February 19, 2011

Emptiness !!!

There are some songs which are crafted so beautifully and with so much love that these become your life time favorites . The more you listen to them , the more they take you in there depth.
One such song is certainly this song "Emptiness", most probably voiced by Rohan Rathod (there's controversy over this ).
Many months have passed since I first heard this song, but it's magic still continues and it is one of the most played in my playlist.And tonight I am writing a small blog-entry on this very song.

The Music , the Lyrics , the background 'आलाप'  everything about this song is Awesome.
The song is partly in English and Hindi. But it is the 'आलाप' which touches the soul.

The Hindi part of the song is brilliantly sung by whom "i don't know". But whoever is the person , has done a job which will remain in listener's heart forever.
The song is about the "Unsaid Love"...."Unnoticed Love". The girl never realizes his love, and now the love itself has changed into pain.... And as this happens to many...He feels lonely even in crowd of friends, and when asked says  I feel so lonely...........

There's a better place than this emptiness....yai yai yai yaiii...

Listening to this song makes one enjoy even the loneliness of one's life.
To download Emptiness-lonely click on it.