Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bitter part of college life


The  song I m going to write is from film Guru sung and directed
by Music Mastro A R Rahman.
A very touching song and to me it sounds like cry of my heart at da moment

"Jaage hain der tak hamein kuch der sone do.........
Aadhe -Adhure khwab jo pure na ho sake....
Ek baar fir se neend me wo  khwab bone do...."

The past few days and so the present ,
and unluckily future also at NITC is really very -very depressing......though future remains in 
my hand. No stupid thing can take  it away  from me.......I myself will decide my future.

somertimes to leap forward in life we need to go  back a bit.....
And I think this is my time to take a step back...
No one knows the future .
Though we always think of it ,plan for it but we never know what we r going to
do the next second.
And same is going around me.....
I m going through really a tough time.....

Being @ NITC  If u ever wanna experience the fire of HELL then have a back in
any subject  that too in Computer Science & Engineering(The  golden  branch of NITC).
Then you will realize how far ur mind can think......,will think of the worst cases all possible
Your whole future will dance in front of your eyes.

Back-The worst thing I think U see at NITC.
Just once have it......and all through ur college life experience it....
No overload, drop some course, must have no earlier courses pending,
No supplimentary, a blood-thirsty Summer Term-to suck ur enthusiasm
and all and that too is not for all subjects. A mistake of 1st semester is Carried to 
last sem or even it can extend your stay @ this beautiful college.....

will write about attendance shortage somtime later.....
I m experiencing all these things  here.........

Life has become a complete hell.......My Mind is working on all useless
possibilities, non-deterministically (terminology of FLA :P).

The solutions to all these lies only within layers of time.

hoping for the best

---Vibhuti Bhushan

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